Thursday, November 10, 2011

Continuing the Job Politico Refuses to Do

First off, I want to apologize to people for the cruddy blog layout. As you can tell, I am NOT a professional blogger or scoop-type journalist, and I have no intention of robbing other videos or articles to post meaningless gibberish unless I intend to make a point. For this reason, I pull the following articles and videos as my reference points.
I also would like to say that the following is what I believe the evidence I’ve uncovered supports, but I make no guarantee as to the certainty of the theory. Instead, I leave it to you the reader to look at all the information I did and come to your own conclusion. If you think I’m full of it, that’s okay, maybe I am. If you think I’m right though, well that’s okay too.
Finally, a word of caution.  Please do not go and harass the names identified here as a possible source of Cain’s accusations.  Leave that to the professional conservative media to go down that alley as they are better staffed and equipped to handle such things. The only reason I created this blog, was that the information was ignored when sent to Rush, Levin, and Drudge, most likely because they get 10,000+ emails a day and I’m a nobody…nothing personal, that’s just how it is. They can’t evaluate every message they get, they’ve got to rely on the staff. Plus too, I may have stumbled upon a simple coincidence. I might just be talking out of my butt. Wouldn't be the first time, probably won't be the last.
With that said, let’s get onto the substance.
Last Thursday, I was reviewing the articles written by the Politico concerning the unidentified women that had accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment. It seems like our good friends Jonathan Martin took a certain joy in leading the public on charges based on “anonymous” sources. They provided what they thought were generic descriptions about the complaintants which would protect their identities. As of today, Karen Kraushaar, has come forward, while the New Jersey accuser (who is the subject of this post) has not.
For those that need a refresher, here’s a link to the Politico article and a restatement of the descriptions:
Around 30 at the time of the incident
Was a “longer-term” employee
Worked in the Government Affairs Office
Managed the Political Action Committee
Left the NRA in May 1998
Now works in New Jersey for a Lobbying Firm
Was “Not getting along with her bosses at the time”

This seemed pretty general stuff indeed. However, I quickly noticed that all the general comments had something in common. That is, the types of information it presented was something that would be found on a RESUME! And surely, many professionals post their resume information on both LinkedIn and Monster, so I wondered if the New Jersey accuser had done the same thing.
At first, I didn’t find anything. That’s when I went back to Google and performed a specific search including the following search terms:
I wasn’t sure if I’d find anything, but try it yourself. The 6th or 7th search yielded the following link and preview:
You +1'd this publicly. Undo
Trenton NJ - Princeton Public Affairs Group, Inc.
New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities .... If interested please email your resume to. Download David Smith's VCARD David A. .... his unanimous appointment by the Passaic County Freeholder Board in 1998. ... Lorna began her career in government affairs at The National Restaurant Association. ...

Aha! I quickly caught a hold of the last sentence. This made me perform a search for Princeton Public Affairs Group, looking for an individual name Lorna, whose biography was linked on the right hand side and I eventually ended up here:
Wow. Based on the Second paragraph of her Bio, she seems to match everything. However, she looked kind of young and the Bio page didn’t have any links to dates, so now that I had a name, I went back to LinkedIn and found her. Her education ran from 1986-1991. I also looked at Zaba-Search and discovered she was born in 1968, which would have put her around 30 at the time of the incident. Assuming she joined the NRA in 1991-92 time-frame, served four years before taking over the PAC, it appears she would be in the position that the Politico article is talking about.
Now, again, this could all be one really, really, strange coincidence. You would think at worst, if she is not the Cain accuser in question, that she would at least have some insight into who is, or would could be a possible source to Politico. But how many other NJ lobbyists who managed the NRA PAC are there? She is the only one I could find.
Again, I am not accusing her of being Cain’s accuser. I am simply pointing out that there seems to be quite a bit coincidences between what was described in the Politico article, and her background.
Of course, I didn’t stop there, though. In the age of social media, I wanted to see if she had any Facebook / Twitter / Myspace profiles. Now that I had a name to work with, a simple Google search turned up the following Twitter Accounts:
You will notice that she uses her middle name. This is because her and her mother have the same name, but different initials. On a side note, her parents donated $1000 each to Bill Bradley’s failed 2000 Presidential campaign (according to Newsmeat), but we’ll come back to that in a moment)
The first Twitter account seems to be a personal recreation one. Make what you will of the 2 ABC contact followers. It hasn’t been used in a few months.
The second Twitter account, however, shows up in Google search results, but Twitter shows that it no longer exists, meaning that it was recently deleted. I personally believe the 2nd Twitter account was her main account, but she deleted it when the press started hounding her. Unfortunately, Twitter does not cache it’s deleted pages, so I was unable to view the previous deleted account using the Internet Archive / Wayback machine.
So, onto Facebook. Here too, it appears she had a Facebook account, but deleted it. Here’s what I did. At Google, type in the phrase: “Lorna O’Hara Likes this”. Now, only pay attention to the Facebook results that pop up for the group page of Princeton Public Affairs Group or the Cape May Group. You will see from the Google search that at one time, she commented and “liked” things, but when you go to click on the Facebook link, you will she her comments and likes have disappeared, as it appears that account was deleted. Again, I tried using the Internet Archive / Wayback machine to see if I could view a cached page of it, but could not. But the fact the results still show up in Google leads me to believe that both the Twitter and Facebook accounts were recently deleted. Go ahead, try it yourself and see if you get the same results as me.

Okay, break, did you get all this? Does it make sense? Again, I’m going to keep repeating that for whatever reason, this indeed may still be one gigantic coincidence and I’m chasing a dead horse. It’s out there now and I leave it to you to decide whether we have a positive ID or not.
Now, as you know, that’s not the entire end of this story. If it turns out that she is indeed the accuser, if she didn’t talk to Politico, who did? From here on out, this is speculation, but I am throwing it out there because it needs to be looked at:
I want you to go back to Princeton Public Affairs Group’s homepage and check out the Bio for Mr. Brad Brewster, one of the Senior Partners:
In particular, notice the last paragraph concerning his association with Mitt Romney. Now I know this says 2008, but just last month, after Chris Christie announced he wasn’t running and endorsed Romney, Brewster did the same again:
Now, if the woman reported the incident to her employer concerning what happened at the NRA, how possible is it that Brewster was the one she reported to? He apparently has the DC contacts and the media credentials to get it out there, though I did not find a direct link between him and anything Politico-related. But it’s something that had to be looked at.
There was a potential motive, as a Christie supporter, and then a Romney one after Christie endorsed Romney. Perhaps there was a retaliatory strike against Cain for comments he made about Chris Christie on October 2nd.
Again, this is speculation, but I believe it’s something that will need to be looked further into, especially if the New Jersey accuser was identified here.

Where does that bring us? Back to the Cracker Barrel article. I actually found this before I discovered any of the other information listed above. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it:
The key item from this article is that Forth managed Political Affairs from Jan 1997 – April 1998. Now I may be generalizing Political Affairs / Government Affairs, but I am assuming that the offices are one and the same, and I believe that the NJ Accuser worked for Mr. Forth. Now, look at when Mr. Forth left, April 1998, the same month the alleged harassment took place. It seems the accuser wanted Mr. Forth’s job, but was denied it. Could this be a source of the why she cried harassment. I think the following CNN article may offer some veracity to this theory:
Again, this just may be another coincidence?
However, look what Forth was accused of doing at the Cracker Barrel PAC. Who’s to say he didn’t try the same thing while he was at the NRA, and the NJ accuser would have been in the position to know this or not. I have a sinking suspicion, that if the harassment charges don’t stick, the issue will turn to whether fraud was occurring.
If anyone has any updated information about what the media would find, I believe Johnny Isakson’s 2004 staff would. That story on Forth came out in 2003. They must have been saving it in case Cain had forced a run-off. Herman Cain also said that this employee had “performance issues” and “wasn’t getting along with her bosses”. Could this be why?

Okay people, this is what I have. You think it’s worth something, go with it. If not, then the Admins can delete it.
Again, from the advice I was given by an attorney today, I am not, repeat, I am not, making any accusations or statements of facts beyond what I’ve been able to find. If I’ve speculated, I said so. If it’s been my opinion, I’ve said so also. This could all be one incredible series of coincidences. If so, I apologize.
My goal was to go after Politico for not reporting the full story. I think I’ve shown there are several avenues that at least need to be investigated. I hope I’ve done more good than harm for Herman.


  1. The leaker is not from Romney's camp. The leaker is from 0bama's Chicago thug circle. Cain poses a real threat to 0bama's narrow reelection strategy, which has been planned out months in advance to revolve around Romney. Think 0WS. It's no coincidence. 0bama and his allies will do whatever it takes to protect Romney, like their prized pig before the slaughter. There's a reason Romney has been given sic an easy ride from the JourNOlisters.

    BTW, the leaker is Sheila O'Grady.

  2. More info coming to light...
    0bama's strategy requires Romney. 0bama cannot win many traditional Democrats rustbelt states, so instead he is relying on heavily playing the race card and anti-Mormon sentiment in the SOUTH. 0bama's team now believes their best path to victory is to maximize the black vote in the south while at the same time suppressing the white Evangelical vote by attacking Mormonism (through surrogates, friendly press etc, never DIRECTLY from 0bama, other than subtle digs.) 0bama also needs to stir up his far-left base by attacking Romney as the personification of "corporate greed." (The 0WS scheme was hatched when they were sure Romney would be the nominee.)

    If Romney is not the nominee, then 0bama's "Southern Strategy" collapses. This is particularly true if the GOP nominates a candidate from Georgia, like Cain or Gingrich. Cain anywhere on the ticket kills 0bama's black-vote strategy, which is the reason for the full-court press to try to make Herman appear too toxic to put on the ticket.

  3. Julian E. Zelizer seems to be the unifying factor. Lorna O’Hara worked at the Public Affairs at Princeton University, and Zelizer was the professor of it. He also works for Politico as a writer.